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Dec. 30, 2008

This video is about how things go when you don’t play the religious game properly. :) This is the way you’ll be treated by those who sell Jesus for money and power and cultural placebo if you don’t play how they want you to play. The “leaders” or those with something to lose will try to create doubt or fear. They keep others under their spell by flattering or intimidating them, and hoping no one will question the so-called “facts” they sling around. They call anyone nasty names who threatens their empire by offering a Jesus-centered alternative: loving your neighbors daily, with no ritual or hierarchy or manmade dress-up religion. “Name callers” will, out of their own agenda, jealousy, pride, or fear “rise up“ as Paul said to try to do you harm. And then some will blindly follow their religious leaders who want and need them to be blind in order to control them and “tell them what their itching ears want to hear.” These will manufacture false “names” (witch, cult, legalistic, liberal democrat, or other names—whatever works best in their culture to instill fear so they won’t be questioned) of anyone who honors the Bible and God more than man-made factory religion. In this 2 minute video, see if you can identify how they go about killing those who they want to kill, and how easily most go along with whatever is said. :) Enjoy the fun video, but remember the message about religious crowd dynamics and mass hysterics, too. :)

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