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Modern Religion

Sept. 30, 2015

"The modern religious organizations know they are missing something profound. Deep down they know it. Their own statistics declare they kill, by not saving, 75% of their own children. Millions more children are killed by religion that doesn't look a bit like Jesus ... than Herod or Pharaoh killed. If the 75% genocide of our youth could be 5% instead by looking like Jesus in His Spirit and manner and wisdom and ways, enough youth could have been Saved in the last generation to match the population of the state of Ohio, or the country of Greece. Perhaps no more "Diplomatic Immunity" for the Builders who reject the Chief Cornerstone and keep HIS "Gates of Hell" conquering Church? Maybe we should all Work Together to embrace Jesus' Ways instead of the ways that kill 75% plus of our children? Some say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I believe that children are our future. Teach them well, and let them lead the way. Give them a Rock of Hope to make it easier.

In addition, religion (as men have reinvented it to suit their lifestyles) is doing great harm or stunting the lives of millions of wonderful people who deserve the daily Life of Christ around them, and haven't gotten it. The modern "church" and its often unBiblical lack of ChristLife is a house afire, by any outsider's unbiased viewpoint. So, what to do?! Jesus said there would be Liars and Looters who would curse or kill anyone who tries to help bring Jesus' Solutions to His own church. That is quite odd, indeed! It's like attacking the firemen who are risking their lives to put out your fire that is endangering you and your children's lives! Rather than trying to help put out the VERY obvious fire in which the religious world today is engulfed, there will always be a few, Jesus said, whose pride is more important to them than the lives they admit they are responsible for watching die. The fiery embers and ceiling are crashing down on their heads all around them and their families, and they insult and shout names, and stalk those who are running with water to help? It just don't make no sense. :) Oh well. We'll "Carry On" anyway! Grab a bucket and help, if you dare!"

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